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Know Your Customer Update

To update know your customer information, members are required to complete Members Profile form and attach proof of residential address.

Members are required to submit any of the following documents as proof of residential address:

Current Utility bills (not older than 3 months)
- Eswatini Water Services Corporation Customer Report (statement)
- Eswatini Electricity Company Tax Invoice (Statement)
- Eswatini Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
- Municipal Rates Statement

Stamped letter from umphakatsi

SNAT SACCO Residential Address Confirmation.

This form should be used by members who do not have a utility bill in their name. It should be completed by the individual who resides with the member, e.g., a spouse. The individual should attach the utility bill and a copy of their identity document as proof of authenticity.

Download Members Profile Form

Download Residential Address Confirmation Form


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